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Each year I have worked hard to find great teachers and classes to offer you all.  Once I contact all of our teachers and collect their projects, prices and descriptions, we will post them on the fb page.  You will sign up with the teachers however they see fit to take registration and payments.  I will provide you with all the information you need below about 1 month prior to the event.

Classes will be posted at a later date.


Each year our swaps vary based on who asks to host a swap.  We typcially have one of the attendees head up the different swaps that they would like to see happen at our event.  Secret Sister is super popular, along with card swaps, recipe swaps, napkin swaps and doll swaps.   So if you have any ideas of a swap you might like to host please feel free to reach out to Amy or Wendy.

Vendors April Event


We have been very blessed to have wonderful vendors each year.  We have a dedicated group of vendors that love to come each year.  Please welcome them and check out their booths, classes etc at the event.

Scrap Attack (our very first vendor that has come every year)

Gigi's Scrapbooking & More

31 Bags


Perfectly Posh

Toadilly Scrappin'

Scrappers Unleashed

Welch's Boutique

Close to My Heart

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